Shades Of The Sun

  • This spot was extremely mesmerising and serene with beautiful light streaks oozing out from the sun.One could not simply get his/her eyes off the scene.I always carry my camera with me.I actually wear the camera and hence I was able to capture this moment perfectly.If we try to look for the meaning of this picture,It would be fathomless.Processing your thoughts about this picture in an optimistic way would only bring out the endless horizon in your vision,meaning the chances or opportunities are endless but if you learn to capture one at the right time,you will get a posotive result.Tell me your thoughts about this picture in the comments!👇
  • This place is actually a military site in the outskirts of Nasik but luckily I got an opportunity to step in.So I just climbed up at the highest possible spot and captured this Image.

Light Paintings

Here is a recent picture I took.These kind of pictures are called light paintings and are done in zero light area.There are two ways to get the desired pattern in the picture –

1.Move the camera accordingly    OR 2.Move the source of light.

Since I was using a torch here,it was more convenient for me to move the torch.Try clicking these picture.They are too much fun!Let me know what you think! 🙂

Meika Wollard Sketch

Here is a recent sketch I did of Meika Wollard.This was a commissioned work I did for one of her fans.I will be posting my other sketches too.For any kind of orders for sketches,Feel free to contact me.I ship them worldwide.Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.My username is @00artman.You can always ask for a sketch! 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge

Here’s another portrait of a monkey.This is the best shot I have got till now (of monkeys). I tried depicting the Innocence in its eyes and I am quite successful.Tell me what you think!By the way stay tuned because I will be posting one of my sketches very soon.The next post would be something wonderful. 😄

Beast of the sky!

The bird you see in this picture is called the Shikhra.It looks a lot like the eagle but unlike it,it kills its prey in the air itself.The red colour in its eye does signify its existence as the beast of the air.I am so glad for I got a shot from such a close distance.Tell me your thoughts about this one in the comments! 🙂

I keep it Handy

I always keep my camera with me because you never know what all stories you’ll see that will make you really beautiful pictures.This picture was just an attempt to pass time but it became something really serious later on.I had the intensity of light falling on my hand controlled quite well using butter papers and the result was really pleasing.I personally prefer using Sony.And this idea of getting a picture of the lens cover in a fancy way was totally spontaneous.I haven’t tried copying anybody.Tell me your thoughts on this one! 🙂

Weekly Photography Challenge

Monkeys are what photographers look for in the jungle.Getting a good shot of monkeys is hard because one can’t easily capture all the details of its face.I am glad that I got a chance to take this picture with the baby monkey looking directly into the lens.I had set the camera on 10 fps,meaning it would take a total of 10 shots in one second and this was the best one.Tell me what you think in comments! 👇

Weekly Photography Challenge

I tried to keep this picture simple by focusing on the two stalks of grass and at the same time having a nice background,thus making it a well composed picture.The stalk on the right acts as a leading line,giving the picture a sense of continuity.Tell me what you think about this one.✌

The Indian Roller

The bird here is the Indian Roller.I like the blue shades it has got on it’s wings.Truly nature got its own beauty.I was lucky enough to get a shot from this close distance.Otherwise it’s really hard to find the bird and people often include it in the ‘rare one’.I will be posting more pictures of birds soon.Do send me an e-mail if you want some pictures for wallpapers.You’ll find my e-mail in my blog.